OTB's ResinKast® products offer an elegant styled collection of faux "texturized" architectural appliqués, brackets and corbels, columns, crowns, shutters, trim mouldings and panels that perfectly reproduce the natural beauty and texture of cast stone, coral stone, ledge stone, travertine marble, cypress and pecky cypress wood.

ResinKast® products offer a cost effective alternative to concrete cast stone, actual stone and natural wood that is both beautiful and functional for restoration and new building projects including exterior trim; lanai ceiling panel systems; exterior and interior fireplaces; outdoor kitchens and living areas; wall panels and decorative trim.

With ResinKast® you can now simulate natural materials and gain superior quality and performance while dramatically reducing construction and labor costs.

Providing a competitive advantage along with distinctive designs is why ResinKast® is in high demand with leading architects and builders.

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